Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Help the Birds!

This Saturday is the New York City Birdathon, where lots of birders go out and see as many birds as they can. I'm going to be part of a five person team, competing against other teams to get as many birds as possible (friendly competition, of course). Our goal is to raise money to save Calverton Grassland, the largest remaining grassland on Long Island, and habitat for several threatened NY species, including Short Eared Owl. The area is threated by a large development. Here's the recent Audubon New York action alert concerning the critical need for action to protect this area:


I urge everyone to donate what they can to help preserve this critical habitat. You can donate a fixed amount, or per bird (we'll probably see around 100). Just click this
and email me with your pledge and information. Thanks!

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