Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fort Drum Interlude, A Death in Antwerp

On my way back to Fort Drum I went through a small town called Antwerp, NY. As I approached the entrance gate I passed a few small houses, and suddenly saw a brown blur flash out into the road. I braked and stopped short immediately, but was too late. I had run over what turned out to be a feral cat carrying a kitten, and they were both in their death throes. I had a sickening few seconds trying to think what I would do if they did not die - they were both badly injured - but that resolved itself as first the mother and then the kitten lay still. I pulled over and talked to some teenagers up the block, and they said that the cat didn't belong to anyone. I was thankful that I hadn't caused anyone in the town a loss. I went back and lay the two at the side of the road, the kitten nested alongside the mother, and drove into Fort Drum. The next day when I left Fort Drum I stopped and looked for the cats, but they were gone. There was a dried bloodstain there on the road.

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